Claim Services


  • Free! Repair service and spare parts. No deduction payment
  • 24 hours call center support for both inquiries and claims


  • Unlimited repair times (According to the compensation limit per year)
  • In case of total loss, we will pay the compensation maximum at 80% of the item price within 15 days


  • More than 400 service network providers nationwide
  • Repair service at home for big item

Claim Services

  • Laptop/Notebook must be covered from the manufacturer warranty at less 12 months
  • Claim Services : Manufacturer Claim Services and Standard Claim Services
  • 400 service network providers nationwide all area
  • Repair service at home for big size appliances
  • One stop Service
  • “Easy to Claim” “Guarantee Payment” : We’re consistently rated five stars by customers for our quick and easy claims process with 15 days of working day

** Started Claim Process after completed documents

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