Appliance Extended Warranty from Allianz Assistance

Extends the term of the standard manufacturer warranty
Covers the additional accidents i.e. breakage from drop and fall
Unlimited time to repair within Extended Warranty Period
The insured must apply to buy within 30 days
Extended Warranty Appliance Insurance with Allianz Assistance

“Easy to Claim” “Guarantee Payment” “ Fast repair service” by premium 8% of Appliance price

The extended warranty extends the term of the standard manufacturer warranty for a limited period 1 year to 3 years and covered the inherent fault or weakness of the product not external/usage related claims.

Allianz Assistance

Good Advantages :

Good Advantages :

1. Electronic gadgets and electronic “supports in household” are influencing our daily life

2. My insurer cares for me:Extending the term of Manufacturer's Warranty and covering the Additional covered accidents

3. Value for money: Unlimited repair services time base on condition

4. Comforted, peace of mind: 24 hours call center support for both enquires and claim with more than 400 service network providers nationwide

  • Khun Vichit story

    “My LCD TV suddenly had vertical/horizontal lines. The reparing cost was more expensive than the cost of LCD TV. So, I decided not to fix it and received compensation to buy new LCD TV instead. Thank you so much.”

    Khun Vichit
    The insured did not want to repair LCD TV but chose to receive compensation instead with claim value 8,072 baht.

  • Khun Tipmala story

    “My laptop was stolen but luckily I did extended warranty insurance that cover burglary in building. I received compensation to buy new laptop. Thank you very much.”

    Khun Tipmala
    Her laptop was stolen in her room with visible evidence. The insured received 12,593 baht for compensation.

  • Khun Sudjai story

    “My laptop had vertical/horizontal lines. I then sent it for repairing at service center. Since I need to use my laptop as soon as possible, the service center followed up with me and finished the process just within 2 weeks. Thanks for the good customer service.”

    Khun Sudjai
    The insured claim laptop and received fixed laptop within 2 weeks.

  • Khun Piangjai story

    “My LED TV had no display after turning power on. I sent it to service center, Somchai Electronic and quickly fixed the problem. Thank you everyone for good cooperation.”

    Khun Piangjai
    The insured claimed LED TV to call center. We then cooperate with Somchai Electronic service center to come and fix her problem.

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